Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Playing the Blues

Well, after my last post here at Same Bass New Band, where I was contemplating the possibilities of a new band that I'd been invited to join, I think its time to fill in the gaps and let on what's actually been happening.

Well, it turned out that I got together with a drummer named Tony Bryant and a guitarist that I've known for a while here on the coast, Simon Barraclough. We chatted about all the possibilities and options that were open to us and all agreed that small is beautiful. No other musicians needed as I could handle the vocals, which meant we could keep it as a three piece (my favourite line-up) and earn maximum euros each for our gigs.

So the three piece blues band was formed and we put a few rehearsals in. By few I really a few - like 3 then we played our first Sunday evening gig at a bar called JC's in Montemar (Torremolinos). I was impressed as were the small crowd that turned up to see us. The music had a raw edge to it, which is understandable as we were so new to each other but it all held together very well despite a few scrappy starts and endings which were later tightened up!

So after a few weeks of regular Sunday evening gigs, we are now quite comfortable with each other and play extremely well. The sound is really awesome, to coin and Americanism that best describes the whole atmosphere and quality to a tee. We even came up with a name for which I have put up a website then took it down again!

To add to the bass playing, I also got conscripted into another band that has a regular Tuesday night gig in my old stomping ground at Biddy Mulligans in La Cala de Mijas, but that is a story for another post!

Terry Didcott
Bass Guitar