Friday, 25 April 2008

Same Bass New Band

After I resurrected this old blog with the last post Back From the Brink!, one or two things have happened here in Spain on the live music front.

The main one is of course all about me (yeah, me, me, me...) as I get set to join a new band. And its back to basics with a blues and no less! Don't have all the details for you right now, as the format and personnel details haven't been finalised (when are they ever) but I've been in contact with a drummer who is keen to get a blues band together.

Well, the hard part is done - once you have a drummer and bass player, the rest is usually pretty easy. Lets face it, decent guitarists are ten a penny and there are planty of soulful singers around who could fit the bill of vocalist. We have a possible sax player in the wings as well.

I don't know how big this band is going to be, but as always I will have reservations on that because I'm a firm believer in small is beautiful when it comes to live bands and having lots of band members not only leads to more chances for personality clashes, but also reduces the money split at the end of a gig (most important!)

So we shall see - if it gets too big they'll be doing it with another bass player.

My motto is this:-

I play the guitar for enjoyment, I play the bass for money, period!

I'm too long in the tooth to be sucked into that crap about playing for the enjoyment of it. It ticks me off to play in a bar for peanuts and a few free watered down beers while the bar owner just paid for his next holiday on the night's proceeds. If kids who don't know any better want to do that to "gain experience" then that's up to them.

Me? Bollocks to all that, I play, you pay. No compromise!

Terry Didcott
Bass Guitar