Friday, 15 December 2006


Just to keep you up to date on what’s happening here on the Costa Del Sol, there are plenty of music bars with a good mix of bands and musicians playing lots of different styles of music. There is a weekly publication here called “

I’ve been booked to play in the Yaramar Hotel on New Years Eve with a jazz/blues quintet comprising Singer, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. I’ve never played with any of these people before, but it will be good fun nevertheless, I’m sure. We’ll be playing mostly standards (I can’t tell you what songs yet as I haven’t been given a set list – with only a couple of weeks to go!!) so it should be interesting.

The Music Factory band is coming along nicely. We’ve had a few rehearsals together and I’m gradually getting to know the songs in the two sets. We should be ready to gig in the New Year – available for private parties, weddings, functions etc.

I’m currently researching my next posting about the blues – the music, the bassists and a bit about the playing itself in an up-to-date setting. So stay tuned, the next update is coming soon…

Terry Roberts

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Cheb said...

Hi Terry,

Like your blog, can we have some more live bass playing info? Can't wait for your next update - btw, what is the name of that publication??? Guess you forgot to put it in. Keep the articles comin bro!!!